Lion's Den Imaging | About

My name is Rachel McCluskey, I am the owner and head photographer for Lion's Den Imaging. I am located in North New Jersey, but am happy to travel to wherever it is you want me to go!


I truly love what I do, so not only am I here to give you images to last you a lifetime, but I'm here to make you comfortable, laugh, and smile throughout your session or event. Lion's Den Imaging takes the natural approach to shooting our weddings and sessions. We concentrate on what's happening and try and capture the moments, rather than the poses. While we do pose our clients, we always look for the little moments in between. You know, those moments that make you, you!


Reasons to use Lion's Den Imaging for Weddings and Engagements

-Our second photographers are first photographers. Each one of our employees is talented and skilled at what they do. We don't think one photographer is better than another. 

-We will travel. Just ask. 

-We love to go to venues we haven't been to

-We truly enjoy our jobs. We are passionate and see life through a lens

-You like our style. Every photography company is different. We want you to work with us because you enjoy our work and love our style!

-We are PROFESSIONAL photographers (we have insurance and this isn't our first day)

-Not only are we great at posing, but we love capturing those intimidate moments in between. Our goal is to make the posed look unposed. 


Why to use us for your sessions

Newborns - we love to capture you in your natural environment. We love doing in home sessions with our newborns capturing you being you. We use what we have in your home as far as blankets and clothing. We capture you loving your baby, feeding your baby, and the moments in between. 

Families - While we do pose you, we prefer to capture those candid moments. Maybe it's the moment daddy is throwing his daughter in the air, or when we are making your little boy laugh while we mention the f word (farts).

Headshots - Our goal is to make you look the best you you can be. Headshot are taken and uploaded unedited. We allow you to choose x amount of photo's for us to touch up to make you stand out from the rest. 


Now that you know me, I would love to get to know you more. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email at If you need assistance immediately please call or text 973-634-6118